Which can enhance temperament elegant and soothing

Which can enhance temperament elegant and soothing. Office workers can also use fur vests and wear white shirts, which are simple, gentle, comfortable and warm. A white shirt is stacked on the gray fur vest, revealing the collar and hem of the shirt, and the layered overall appearance is immediately highlighted Grey blue shirt with dark grey blue high waist skirt. The ruffle design brings a sweet feeling, and the same color system further enhances the sense of luxury. If you want to dress elegantly and beautifully at work, but don’t want to spend too much time, then a suit and skirt undoubtedly your first choice. In addition to simplicity and convenience suits and skirts are more feminine than suits. For example, black suits and skirts, beige or cream suits are suitable. Skirts are also a time-saving option. There is no need to consider the match between the top and bottom. It is very suitable for white-collar workers in a hurry. Irregular hem design adds elegance and fashion. The skirt wrapped around the hips shows a good figure, which is simple and convenient. As the temperature rises, the essential clothes in the commuter’s wardrobe. If it is used in the workplace, it is recommended to use dark flower skirt or solid color dress first

color of skin slants yellow in selected color although lest in blue

color of skin slants yellow in selected color although lest in blue, dark blue, dark look, these colour collocation is very pleasing to the eye but owe good will be very vulgar, although so as not to buy a few color is relatively complex, selected the simple but elegant, That is, the color of clothes is simple but the style can not be complex, no matter short or long, the best length is to hip waist as follows, so not only show thin, but also can appear female elegant. Never pull up the collar, too complicated, too restrictive, so pull up the collar is very ugly, to know that to highlight the female elegant temperament

shorts over half of the calf thigh should be closed at the bottom

shorts over half of the calf thigh should be closed at the bottom of the calf, like pants to show legs to rely on the style of clothes determined, wearing short shorts about stockings, are unsightly, but if closed at the bottom of the calf is able to.

If you want to other small companions with long legs, you must avoid the facilities on the head. You can choose wave points, prints and other patterns, which are too fancy and not usually suitable for wearing. If you really have to choose, you can choose tight patterns, and the bottom of yoga pants is not too short.

Yoga pants selected, yoga pants of colour has very much, be able to selected credentials of my skin color, color of skin white people can select a brief elegant is very few

neckline is round collar is also V collar

with white suspenders, neckline is round collar is also V collar, a suit collocation is not too grand and very fashionable, loose and comfortable version of the better modification of the leg type, looks more slim show high.

Small vest + stripe jacket, pants with long coat, simple and comfortable, the collocation of white body, looks so fresh and artistic, large area of white, fresh and elegant, very easy to make people have a sense of psychological security, the collocation of a simple and comfortable pants, youth and vitality, so wear is the best collocation. Should be half sleeve shirt collar up a small piece, and then matching pants, collar position is relatively loose a little, the best is around a leather scarf.

But the pants are best not over the knee

Jeans should not be too loud

Jeans should not be too loud. Relaxed and agile design can show good temperament more. This season, look skinny and classy with a matching shirt jacket and high-waisted fur-trimmed pants. In the fashion circle these years, suspenders have become the most sought after single item in the street. Whether it is sweet and casual, or full of girlish flavor, the wearing of suspenders always makes people look very young and beautiful, which makes people can’t put it down. Small suspenders + jeans shirt + white pleated skirt collocation, slim slim is also very feminine charm, so that the whole body collocation more affinity.

Loose and comfortable version, loose pants, pants like a pile of feet, very thin, if your legs have fat, you can match shorts, with shorts to show a little meat, look slimmer. Comfortable knitted sweater